About us

Our company has been active since 1980. We have been operating under the name Otentic Logistics since 2009. We are storage and logistic specialists.

What does Otentic Logistics stand for?

Our company is strategically located between the ports of Rotterdam, Zeeland and Antwerp, logistics hub Moerdijk and the European hinterland. We have a direct water connection with these ports.

About us

Our customers include international trading companies, suppliers of raw materials and the manufacturers of end products. They experience the importance of our strategic location daily. It enables them to import, transit, store and export their goods efficiently, fast and in an environmentally friendly way.

It is important to us that our customers feel at home with us. We invest in relations and get to know them well, so that we can give them the best possible advice. If we may say so ourselves, we are a great team to work with.

The yin-yang symbol is integrated into our logo. This is to show that we attach importance to balance. We combine hard work with pleasure every now and then. The name Otentic refers to the word 'authentic'. We execute our work authentically.


Our systems are designed in such a way that the origin of the products supplied can be traced within minutes. That way, we can arrange a recall fast. We meet all the regulations with regard to traceability as described in the European General Food Law (GFL).

Our quality, safety and environmental standards are regularly subjected to audits and our employees are trained in safe working methods to prevent accidents and incidents. Because we deal with both foodstuffs (food and feed) and chemicals, we do everything possible to avoid risks.

Environmentally friendly

At Otentic Logistics safety, health and the environment have top priority. Situated on the waterfront, we are able to offer environmentally friendly transport over water in collaboration with the Oosterhout Container Terminal.

Our storage facilities are also equipped with the statutory safety requirements in order to prevent chemical pollution in case of a calamity. In daily operations, attention is paid to the correct way of recycling packaging materials and waste products.

We work together with these partners, among others
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What can we do for you?

"Giving honest advice, unburdening and helping companies move forward. That is what Otentic Logistics stands for. We are there for you in good times, but also in case of problems or challenges."
Chris Doodewaard | Managing Director