Storage and logistical services

Are you looking for a reliable partner for storage and additional logistical services? We handle the clearing of goods, storage, repacking and the distribution of your goods.

Integrated Logistics Services

We are mainly specialised in the storage of food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical and organic products. These products often demand special treatment. Our storage facilities provide the environment that is needed to guarantee the quality of your goods. Besides this, our employees focus on the correct processing of orders.

All our attention goes to the control of the flow of goods with our Integrated Logistics Services. We coordinate the entire planning and execution process. Our expertise often enables us to improve, speed up and/or make existing processes more efficient.

Our ICT solutions give all those involved in the chain clear insight into the status and progress. All the necessary documents can be found easily and in one place.

Strategically located in West Brabant, we have a direct water connection with the international ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

We work together with these partners, among others
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partner Italko
partner 3bm
partner connected
partner fenex
partner lhs
partner nvs
partner LCB
partner Samen in de Regio
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Jack Zagers | Managing Director