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Specialised storage and logistic services

Otentic Logistics is a reliable partner for storage solutions and additional logistical services. We offer a one-stop shop: one single organisation takes care of everything from clearance to storage, repacking and distribution. We do this with concerned employees who always offer you the most appropriate solutions!

High quality storage facilities

Our extensive storage facilities are specially fitted for the storage of raw materials for food and feed raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemical substances and liquids as well as organic substances.
Special, compartmentalised storage spaces and the necessary environmental permits mean we can also store and treat dangerous substances.

Storage management

Your products are managed properly in our warehouses and stored in a traceable manner. As a client, you naturally have rapid insight into the status of your inventory. Our warehouse management is highly efficient with very low error margins and happy clients as a result. In this way we can offer you added value in your supply chain operations.

Storage options

Otentic Logistics has options for:

  • The storage of pharmaceutical products and raw materials
  • The storage of organic products and raw materials
  • The storage of chemical products
  • The storage of preserved foods
  • Locked, secure storage area
  • Compartmentalised storage
  • The storage of dangerous substances; specialised storage for the majority of IMO classifications
  • Storage in racks

Alongside this, Otentic Logistics offers various value-added services.

Otentic Logistics is operating from a very central and strategic location