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Safety and responsibility

Our systems are designed in such a way that the origin of the supplied products can be determined within the space of a few minutes. This means that we can organise recalls immediately. We satisfy all the regulations in relation to traceability, as described in the European ‘General Food Law’ (GFL).

Our quality, safety and environmental norms are subjected to regular audits and each Otentic employee is trained in safe working methods and provided with the requisite knowledge. Our goal is to prevent accidents and incidents. Avoiding risks is also the main core of all activities at Otentic Logistics. This is especially important because we deal with foodstuffs (food and feed) and chemicals on a daily basis.

We meet the highest safety, health and environmental requirements: due to the fact that our employees and third parties actively ensure that the end client and the environment are protected at all times – each and every day.
In addition, our bulk-installations are fitted with sieves, magnets and metal detectors in order to prevent possible contamination of foodstuffs.

Otentic Logistics is operating from a very central and strategic location