Logistics and Customs Solutions
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Import and export of goods

Otentic Customs takes care of all the administrative matters which must be dealt with when you want to import or export goods.

The sooner the documents are available, the sooner your goods are free to be transported further. Import and export declarations are sent digitally to the relevant customs agency. Customs controls the import or export declaration and the documentation submitted. The goods are inspected at random.

In addition, during the import transaction, Otentic Customs takes care of the payment of any VAT and/or import duties on your behalf. Our AEO certification means we are able to speed up the import and export process for you. This provides for a specific relationship of trust on the basis of which customs officers accept simpler guarantees and carry out fewer time-consuming checks.

A list of our import and export services:
  • Import declaration via regular (digital) channels
  • Export declaration via regular (digital) channels
  • Import declaration via simplified procedure
  • Export declaration via simplified procedure
  • Dealing with VAT
  • Dealing with import duties
  • Assistance in physical control
  • In the event of requests for information we provide the documentation
  • The supply of import guarantees to customs agencies
  • Document management and archiving
  • The current documentation is always available on line

Otentic Customs is operating from a very central and strategic location

Logistics and Customs Solutions
to help your business